On October 21, Chancellor Katehi held a press conference to announce that UCD would launch an historic campaign to raise $1 billion in philanthropic gifts. Prof. Marc Facciotti and Davis Senior High School student Brooke Darrah were two of the 15 people invited to stand behind Chancellor Katehi as she made this announcement. All 15 use philanthropic funds for their research, or, as in Prof. Facciotti’s case, exemplify UCD’s committment to public service. Prof. Facciotti was chosen for the continuing education work he is doing with teachers and students at DHS and Dixon High School. Prof. Kent Leach is featured on the Campaign’s website as an “inspiring story” in Regenerative Medicine.  Prof. Leach has developed a stem cell hydrogel that can be injected directly into injured bones to speed healing. The gel has been tested in racehorses, and the media was also given a tour of some aspects of this research at the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital.