The student design team that won “Best Overall Design” at the Senior Design Symposium last June is highlighted in the most recent issue of the UC Davis Cancer Center’s publication, “Synthesis”. The students’ work is featured in an article called, “Reaching out to a challenging age group: Creative hi-tech tools draw in teens and young adults with cancer.” Young adults are less likely than older adults or young children with parents to monitor them to comply with their treatment regimen. Meric Ozturk, Steven Pham, Phillip Schaecher and James Tan, advised by Anthony Passerini, created a device that can take data from a patient’s “point of care testing” device, such as a home glucose monitor, and transfer the information through a cell phone to a web application, which in turn sends it to an electronic medical record system. By adding a social networking component, the new device could increase the likelihood that young adults will comply. Get the full article HERE.