“Angiogenesis on Demand”

Building networks of blood vessels may provide a new approach to treat ischemic diseases, and is an essential component of virtually all tissue regeneration efforts. The complex interplay of multiple factors and cells that regulate angiogenesis suggests that spatiotemporal control over their presentation will be essential to regulate the formation and function of engineered microvessel networks. We have been developing polymeric systems that can provide for localized and sustained angiogenic factor presentation with high spatial and real-time control, and these have been demonstrated to allow one to regulate the extent, maturation, and functionality of engineered networks of blood vessels. This approach to locally regulate angiogenesis may have a wide array of potential applications, which include enhancing the perfusion of ischemic tissues, promoting bone and neural regeneration, and increasing tissue formation by transplanted cells.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

4:00 PM

1005 GBSF