Gina MacBarb, a graduate student in the Athanasiou Lab, mentored a Davis Senior High School student who has now won a $1,000 Monsanto/Calgene Biotechnology Scholarship. Gina has mentored DHS junior Ines Guinard in the Athanasiou Lab since January of this year as part of Ines’ biotechnology class.

Ines has been helping Gina with her TMJ fibrocartilage tissue engineering project, using bioactive agents to enhance their functional properties. Ines has cut histology slides, stained for GAG, collagen, and used IHC staining to stain for collagens type 1 and 2. She has helped with cell isolations, harvests and seeding and received basic cell culture training.

The Monsanto/Calgene Biotechnology Scholarship is awarded to a Davis Senior High School junior or senior who has excelled at the internship portion of DHS’s biotechnology class. Eligible students must be interested in pursuing a career in biological science and be planning to attend a two- or four-year college.

Ines was excited to work in a lab for the first time. “Being new to the lab environment, from the get-go everything Gina showed me was extremely interesting for me. She was very helpful, enthusiastic, and eager to get me involved in the research being done at the lab.”

An avid tennis player, Ines loved making connections between the work done in the Athanasiou Lab and sports injuries.  The scholarship will help Ines follow through on her wish to study biomedical engineering or sports medicine in college, with the ultimate goal of becoming a doctor specializing in sports medicine.