jarrettJarrett Link, a graduate student in the Athanasiou Lab, has received a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP). The fellowship will support his project to improve structural and functional cartilage integration by: 1) optimizing in vitro engineered construct maturation time; 2) transiently diminishing the antiadhesive properties of matrix proteoglycans at the boundary between native and engineered cartilage; 3) enzymatically reducing the density of the collagen network near the wound edge; and 4) facilitating collagen crosslinking at the interface. He will seek to optimize engineered cartilage construct maturation duration and facilitate implant integration by enzymatically tailoring matrix to support cell migration, tissue ingrowth, and collagen crosslink formation. An in vivo orthotopic ovine defect model will validate and reinforce the in vitro findings.