Graduate Student Jennifer Lee has been selected for fellowship support in the NIH Training Program in Biomolecular Technology for 2012-13.The Biotechnology Fellowship Review Committee had an outstanding pool of 27 nominees, so this fellowship is highly valued.  The award is for 12 months and will begin October 1, 2012.

Jeni’s research on cartilage tissue engineering is cross-disciplinary. It encompasses aspects of stem cell biology and gene/protein expression. She wants to eventually transition the Athanasiou Lab’s hESC work to induced pluripotent stem cells in recognition of potential biotechnological advances and a move towards personalized medicine. Jeni has been interested in biotechnology since she began graduate school, joining the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology the fall of her first year. She is a very active participant in DEB events and frequently volunteers at outreach events that promote biotechnology. In particular, her interest in biotechnology was expressed at last year’s Biomedical Entrepreneurship Academy, hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

JThe NIH Training Program in Biomolecular Technology is a “biotechnology” training program that emphasizes working at the interface of fields in biotechnology.  Thus, collaboration among laboratories (biology and physical science or engineering) is strongly encouraged as is interaction with the biotechnology industry.  The primary focus of the fellowship is to provide well-coordinated multidisciplinary training of students in critical areas of biotechnology related research. This training program will provide interdisciplinary research environments that integrate basic biological science, computational biology, chemistry, mathematics and engineering disciplines as well as academic and industrial experiences. The overall guiding principle will be to promote biotechnology and to support trainees who show exceptional promise and productivity.  All fellows will give oral presentations at the Annual Biotechnology Retreat in the spring of 2013.