Kyriacos Athanasiou and Kent Leach are editors of two new book series called Synthesis Lectures on Tissue Engineering and Synthesis Lectures on  Biomaterials, published by Morgan & Claypool. Each book in both the Series will be a self-contained treatise on one subject, authored by leading experts. Books will be approximately 65-125 pages long.

The Tissue Engineering Series is intended to be the first comprehensive series of books in this exciting area. The Synthesis Lectures on Tissue Engineering series will publish concise books on aspects of a field that holds great promise for providing solutions to some of the most difficult problems of tissue repair, healing, and regeneration.

Topics will include:

1) Tissue engineering knowledge on particular tissues or organs.

2) Methodologies and protocols.

3) The main actors in Tissue Engineering paradigms, such as cells, biomolecules, biomaterials, biomechanics, and engineering design.

The Synthesis Lectures on Biomaterials series will publish concise books on aspects of the rapidly evolving field of Biomaterials science and engineering that is poised to provide cogent solutions to the complex problems of drug delivery, tissue repair, and modeling of disease processes at the bench. Topics will include the design and application of biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, drug delivery, orthotic and prosthetic devices, in vitro modeling of tissue development and pathologies, biocompatibility of natural and synthetic materials, stents, and biosensors. This series is intended to integrate current descriptions of exciting advances in biomaterials with successful applications of these systems toward human health.

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