Topic:  “System Approach to understanding Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Arrhythmias Ca2+ Current and SR Ca2+ release.”

Organizing Committee
Donald M Bers, Ph.D. (Chair)
Ye Chen-Izu, Ph.D (Contact)
Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, M.D.
Leighton T Izu, Ph.D
Advisory Board
Fred Meyers, M.D.
Reginald Low, M.D.
Scott Simon, Ph.D.
Saul Schaffer, M.D.

Conference Goals

The main goal is to combine perspectives of experimental and mathematical modeling approaches in studying complex heart disease mechanisms. The expert modelers and experimentalists attending are encouraged to exchange information, identify points of consensus and controversy, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and share information via white-paper publication. We will use the joint experimentalist-modeler format (which was very successful in our previous symposium) to gain in-depth quantitative understanding of the focus area of this symposium: Cardiac Ca2+ current and SR Ca2+ release.

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