June 03, 2015
11:00 am to 11:00 pm

High Frequency Ultrasound and Its Biomedical Applications

Ultrasound has been used as diagnostic imaging tools in medicine for a long time due to its real-time capability and mobility as well as nonionizing radiation and safety. High frequency ultrasound (above 30 MHz) has opened up new biomedical applications thanks to its fine spatial resolution by sacrificing the depth of penetration due to increasing attenuation. Shung’s group has shown the potential of high frequency at biomedical engineering fields such as micro-particle manipulation, cellular mechanism study by applying high frequency ultrasound, and characterization of cell and tissue using backscattering. These new approaches can be potentially powerful tools in the biology and medicine.

In this talk, I will present high frequency ultrasound trapping and manipulation of micro biological objects as an alternative tool of optical tweezers and mechanotransduction study using high frequency ultrasound microbeam. I will also demonstrate micro bioparticles identifying and sorting for high quality sample in a miniaturized Micro Total Analysis System (µTAS) as single cell-based sorting device.

Finally I will present how I apply high frequency ultrasound microbeam to clinical applications for disease diagnosis and research.

When: Wednesday, June 3 11:00 AM

Where: 3206 GBSF

3206 GBSF

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